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You always have to consider the bottom line when running your business. That's why you can rest easy knowing MTS Electrical Contracting, LLC provides high-quality, affordable commercial electrical services in the Lynnfield, Salem, Peabody & Middleton, MA area.

You can rely on our team to provide electrical system or commercial lighting installation services efficiently, never wasting your time or money. Additionally, when you need electrical repairs, our professionals will get to you quickly to resolve the problem right away.

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Why should your hire a commercial electrician?

Why should your hire a commercial electrician?

When it comes to your business, you need an electrician of the highest caliber. With the necessary experience and a mastery of the craft, MTS Electrical Contracting is the company you should turn to. Reach out to us today because we can:

  • Save you money by increasing the energy efficiency of your electrical system
  • Protect your clients and employees by ensuring there are no issues with your wiring
  • Optimize your employee’s productivity by providing strategic and intentional commercial lighting installation services

You can turn to us for any remodeling or retrofitting projects you have in the works. Whether you need emergency lighting installed at your hotel or a panel changed in your office, we have you covered.

Contact us today to set up the commercial electrical services you need for your business in Lynnfield, Salem, Peabody & Middleton, MA or the surrounding areas. We can also install emergency lighting per your request.